Aurora Kids Krav Maga Classes

The Next Generation Kids Krav Maga Classes At Aurora Krav Maga & Fitness Will Give Your Child The Skills They Need To Be Protected!

At Aurora Krav Maga & Fitness, our Kids Krav Maga program focuses on teaching your child basic self-defense moves, in addition to building self-confidence and self-discipline.  The program is for ages 5 to 13, and all experience levels are welcome.

Next Generation Krav Maga is not a sport or traditional martial art, but a practical self-defense system for youth. We teach your children how to identify dangerous situations and how to avoid them. The NGKM program teaches real life self-defense, including defense against bullies at school and potential kidnappers. 

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Let Next Generation Kids Krav Maga in Aurora Teach your Child the Importance of Self-Defense  

Aurora Krav Maga and Fitness does not advocate fighting! NGKM is a self-defense system, not a fighting system. We constantly stress the difference between being authentic and being defensive. Our students understand that fighting is not allowed under any circumstance and what we teach is only to be used in the defense of themselves or others. Any student who breaks these rules will not be permitted to continue training here at Aurora Krav Maga & Fitness.

So, if your child is looking for a new and exciting sport, then Kids Krav Maga in Aurora is the place to be! Your child will be changed for the better after just a few classes with our highly trained and experienced instructors. Below are just a few of the benefits Kids Krav Maga in Aurora offers:

  • Your child will learn and experience self-defense moves in a safe and friendly environment
  • Their physical fitness will be improved
  • They will gain more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • You will have a piece of mind knowing that your child can defend and protect themselves
  • And so much more!

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