New 6 week class and CCW certification

GET 6 weeks of Krav Maga training and complete your Colorado concealed handgun permit for only $99!
Come in and train at the best Krav Maga school in Aurora with some of the best Certified Krav Maga instructors for 6 weeks.  Learn defenses against common attacks such as chokes, bear-hugs, defenses against a gun or knife, as well as common ground defenses. After the 6 weeks you will be eligible to participate in the Aurora Krav Maga FAST class.
What is F.A.S.T.?
The Aurora Krav Maga F.A.S.T. class was designed for people looking to obtain their concealed handgun permit, or for the current "permit holders" looking for a good basic refresher course.  This class will cover firearms safety, basic fundamentals, concealed handgun selection, ammunition, holsters, malfunction clearing, concealed carry methods, and dry fire practice including drawing from concealed. This course meets the training requirement to apply for a Colorado concealed handgun permit (CHP). Following the lecture and classroom dry fire practice you will be able to schedule a 1 hr private live fire practice at the range with one of our NRA certified instructors if you want to. 

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