We are very excited to announce that we are reopening classes in person!!!

Starting Saturday, May 16th!


We know that not everyone will feel comfortable and ready to come back. Please note that this may not look and feel the same as classes have in the past. We want to take every precaution that we can to keep you safe while you train at AKMF. In order for this process to be successful, we need your compliance. We are attaching the guidelines that we need everyone to follow.  If you are unable to comply, we will address this with you individually.


While we LOVE being a family-friendly gym that welcomes everyone, at this time we have to ask that all spectators, parents, and kids refrain from coming in the gym. We can only have those participating in classes in the building and only during their scheduled class time. Anyone is welcome to spectate from the parking lot, through the windows. We ask that you be respectful to others and obey social distancing even in the parking lot areas.


Again, all of the details are covered in the attached document. We ask that you review this document so that you are prepared and know what is expected. There is a full list of proper cleaning procedures in the attached document.


Aurora Krav Maga and Fitness COVID Procedures


  1. 1.     Class schedules will be modified so that cleaning can occur during and after all classes.
  1. 2.     Class sizes will be capped at 3 people per class.
  1. 3.     Floor sections will be marked off to ensure proper social distancing.
  1. 4.     Coaches are responsible for ensuring 6 ft. social distancing in their classes.
  1. 5.     Coaches are required to wear face coverings when members are in the gym.
  1. 6.     Coaches are responsible for monitoring members for any concerning health symptoms.
  1. 7.     Coaches should not be touching members nor their equipment. (at this time members will be responsible for all of their own equipment, including the cleaning of that equipment.)
  1. 8.     AKMF will supply EPA approved COVID disinfectant. 
  1. 9.   We will be running classes in “soft martial” style.
  1. 12.  There will be no admittance of spectators, children waiting, etc. in the gym. Only those who have signed up to attend the class may enter the gym. (Parents who want to watch their children, can do so from the parking lot, through the front windows.



    Member Protocol


  1. 1.     If you are attending a class after another class please wait outside until the coach comes out to get you.  (Please exercise social distancing while waiting outside.)
  1. 4.     When you enter the gym, please proceed to the restroom to wash your hands or use a wipe* provided to wipe your hands thoroughly *when in stock- cleaning supplies have been out of stock from all vendors.
  1. 5.     All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized prior to any classes starting.
  1. 6.    When done using any equipment, the class will pause and the coach will ensure that all members have wiped down all equipment that was used ( pads, heavy bags, KB, etc.)
  1. 7.     Members are not to share any equipment during a class. 
  1. 9.      At the end of the workout, coaches are responsible for ensuring that all members have sanitized their equipment before it is put back. 
  1. 10.  At the end of each night, the AKMF staff will disinfect all surfaces and equipment.

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